SWOT Clock ™

The SWOT CLOCK ™ DIAMOND model provides you with the most modern approach of how to formulate effectively your organization 'Leading Strategy' and objectives, towards the utmost successfully achievement of its goals, facing the very tough turbulent and risky environment of the 21st Century, no matter of the business size and volume of operation (from micro, SME's and big organizations in the private sector, NGO's, public and governmental sector).


The SWOT CLOCK ™ DIAMOND methodology suggests a simple analytical, rational and quantitative formula of how to embed the SWOT components (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) into the appropriate 'Leading Strategy' out of the 4 possible strategy combinations: Growth, Response, Survival and Leverage. The 'Leading Strategy' External and internal dynamic changes over the time affect a change of the most likely 'Leading Strategy' to happen accordingly and the appropriate decision-making process to be applied in practice.